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Vinay Govender and Associates is a boutique law firm. Having been established by Mr. V. N. Govender in 2005, the firm was initially located at Mr. Govender’s home. The firm initially specialized in Medico – Legal work. This entailed representing hospitals and clinics in all their commercial activities. Always community minded and orientated, Mr. Govender answered the call of the community in which he practiced on numerous occasions. As a result, the firm expanded its activities to service a much broader base of clients with diverse interests.

legal help we are experts

The firm eventually grew to the extent that a larger premises was required. The firm is currently located at 175 Stella Road, Hillary and has opted to remain a friendly cottage environment rather than in a corporate city environment.

legal help we are experts

Over the years the firm has attracted a host of talented people to its staff compliment. Mr. Govender prides himself on the achievements and growth of his staff who grow as they unbundle the problems of clients and solve legal and practical problems thereby growing themselves. Some of our ex staff members are highly placed academics, some were successful in corporate law firms and non – profit organizations. He encourages all staff members to study further and demands that they show empathy for clients in need in keeping with the firms’ motto: “From nightmares to dreams”.


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Show empathy to our clients, transparency, integrity and honesty. Our founders’ belief is that once a promise or undertaking is made to a client, it can never be broken no matter what the consequence is to our firm. There have been occasions when this belief was put to the test and the firms very existence was threatened namely during a marathon 5-year criminal case and an epic case brought before the Medical Schemes Council on behalf of a beleged patient that lasted 10 years which shed light on the open enrolment policy and how it is to be implemented by medical aids. Although Mr. Govender’s staff will never question this as a fundamental principle of the firm to safeguard its existence, the firm has now established due process rules as to how briefs are accepted .

Success Story 1

Individuals who have faced criminal charges.

Success Story 2

Insolvency matters where our firm has defended insolvent clients and witnessed that many of them have gone on to build successful businesses such as hospitals, clinics, logistics companies, metal fabrication

Success Story 3

Mr. Govender has a reputation of successfully awarding custody of children to their fathers on many occasions

Success Story 4

Protecting the interests of woman in Domestic Violence matters.

Success Story 5

Successfully aiding victims of Road Accident Fund claims to receive the compensation they deserve to better their quality of life.

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