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Miss Vilencia Chetty is currently in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of KwaZulu – Natal, Howard College (Part-Time). Whilst doing her LLB she has obtained a qualification in Medico-Legal Law from the LSSA (Law Society of South Africa) LEAD (Legal Education and Development). At the completion of her LLB she wishes to pursue her Masters in Medical Law and venture into the areas of Medical Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Law, and Road Accident Fund claims.

Miss. Chetty has shown a great deal of concern relating to the plight of disadvantaged members of the community when it relates to the access of justice, as she recently attended a Seminar held by NADEL (National Association of Democratic Lawyers) on Constitutional Law topics, she has voiced her concerns and has been making valiant attempts to promote the importance of what the justice system aims to do for the public.

Apart from that, she also has constructive knowledge on the Basics of Forensic Evidence (the process involved in obtaining evidence such as bagging, tagging, and analyzing) as well as the process of obtaining such experts in Criminal matter.

Miss. Chetty also works closely with Wills & Estates, Labor related matters, Commercial Law and Family Law. She has the capability to draft various legal letters, aids our Principal Attorney Mr. Govender in Consultations, and makes various appearances with him in Court. She has excellent people skills and always ensures that clients are well-advised and always leave the firm with a burden lifted from their shoulders.

On obtaining her LLB qualification she intends on remaining at Vinay Govender & Associates and working with her colleagues to continuously make a difference in the lives of community members and parties adversely affected by the justice system.