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Ms. Kamalavathi Reddy, also known as Vassie, is a Senior Conveyancing paralegal with 39 years’ experience in conveyancing (transfers and bonds). She also specializes in Estate matters (Reporting and Finalizing estates).

Over the years Ms. Reddy has aided numerous Attorney’s offices in Conveyancing and Estate matters as well as training staff on Conveyancing processes and protocols in an effort to enhance the institutional memory of the workplace.

Ms. Reddy has received many accolades and awards commending her on an outstanding performance.

To date Ms. Reddy serves as a Property and Conveyancing Consultant to many Attorneys, Estate Agents, and clients who seek her advice and expertise on particular issues.

Vinay Govender & Associates has had the pleasure of working with Ms. Reddy for the past 5 years. Her reputation in the industry is stellar. Her communication skills and etiquette instill clients with great satisfaction as they are confident that they are in good hands when they leave her office.